Need Home theatre advise


Nov 13, 2015
Hi All :) Badly need Home theatre setup advise..!!
I am living in a compact room in 25 ft long,12-14 ft wide & 9-10 ft high. Looking for 3.1 HT setup with budget price (entire 3.1 setup 600-700$). Pls suggest me if my choices are fine, mainly confused which front, center will suit me.
Receiver - Denon AVR s510bt
Fronts : Infinity Primus P363 or Polk Audio Monitor60. Pls suggest if there are any other decent tower speaker pair below 300$
Center: Polk Audio CS1 Series II or JBL Loft 20 Two-Way Dual
Good deals are going on for these items, so pls advise if this is a decent setup for a fresher & a nice HT feel at home.
Thanks a ton :)
A room of that size is everything but compact. For your setup, you have to decide where your TV will be, where you will sit, what else is in that room.
Go to a store like Best Buy, they have demo rooms where you can listen to variety of gear. Bring with you a CD of favorite artist, so you can compare.
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