Need laptop for gaming/college


Jan 12, 2016
College is just around the corner and i need a laptop that will fit my needs. My needs are: i need a laptop that can handle hardcore gaming, digital art and editing. The games i'm going to play are: Minecraft on high settings with a ton of mods, LoL on high settings, WoW on high settings, GTA V on high settings with mods, The Witcher 3 on medium settings, CoD advanced warfare and DC superheroes online. I would prefer a 15.6 inch screen with a resolution of 1920x1080. My budget is around £1300-£1700 around $1600-$2300?
I need the laptop to be reasonably portable, but a portable, light weight laptop for me weighs around 4-5 ibs.
I don't mind if it's 7 ibs though because i'm used to carrying a bag weighing about the same, but it needs to be light enough so that i can bring it on the train with me and take it to other countries. The laptop needs to have a dual fan, so the laptop doesn't get fryed on long gaming sessions and in college, but the fans need to be quiet so the other students don't get disturbed. It also needs to have long battery life, with an average of 6-7 hours of just browsing the web on medium brightness. For gaming, the battery life must endure an average of 3-5 hours of hardcore intense gaming on close to full brightness. It needs to have at least 1TB of space on the hard drive because i will be writing a lot of reports and making lots of documents. For me the GPU must be at least in the 900's GTX 965 minimum. The CPU must be a 6th generation core i7 quad core processor with an average of 2.6GHz

I've been looking on some:

Alienware 15 intel core i7 6700HQ quad core 3.5GHz Nvidia geforce GTX 980M 4GB DDR5 1TB hard drive 16 GB DDR4 memory 15.6 inch screen 1920x1080 resolution IPS. 3hrs minimum when gaming 7 ibs, a bit thick, i researched fans tend to louden when playing intense games

MSI GS60 Ghost Pro intel core i7 6700HQ quad core 2.6GHz Nvidia geforce GTX 970M 3GB DDR5 1TB hard drive 16GB DDR4 memory 15.6 inch screen 1920x1080 resolution, some reviews say they only get 40 mins of gaming from the battery life, 4.2 ibs, since i live in the UK the enter button is awkward, the space bar is too much to the left and i think i will be hitting the right edge of it.

If you have a reccomendation and find a laptop that has similar specs and abilities or find something even better great!




Apr 5, 2011
with Alienware you are normally paying a lot just for the name printed.
MSI & ASUS usually get the best reviews for gaming system laptops.
Lenovo used to produce very nice budget systems with customizable options where you can upgrade CPU, RAM, GPU for cheaper than others.

i would recommend going through all 4 websites; pick a nice base system and choose what options you want included. see which has the best price vs hardware options available.