Question Need recommendation for good wireless earbuds that won't die quickly?


Sep 26, 2018
Greetings, no matter what I do, my earbuds seem to break or die rather quickly.
I tend to have better luck with wireless ones, because there's less of a cord to pull.
That said, a while back, I invested in some jaybird Terra pros, only to have the rechargeable battery malfunction.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent sounding pair of wireless earbuds that I'll actually get a decent lifetime out of?

I need a pair that's durable/sweat proof enough to run with, has decent enough sound quality that you still want to listen to them when you're not running, and at minimum six hour battery life although preferably longer.

Also, I do prefer the ones where the right and left earpieces are tethered together,
because they are harder to lose that way.

I loved the jaybird Terra pros, but I'm hesitant to invest in another pair, because of the battery issue that I experienced.
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