Need some advice - Budget DSLR for Business use?


Mar 18, 2013

Just wondering if I can get some advice on a camera purchase. I am an instructional designer for a large mortgage company and we want to buy a camera so I can get some great still pictures as well as some short video clips. We would like the image quality to be good, but doesn't necessarily need to be jaw-dropping amazing. We don't need a microphone, so audio isn't important. We just need to try and keep the costs low so $300 to maybe $600. Any suggestions?
ask yourself and the people using the cam how far and or how big of a building you need to photo on a daily use. you have to know if a cam with a fix lens will work or you need a kit with a few lens. one thing that may help you is look online for your local photo groups and online cam talk groups can tell you what to look out for.