Need some help choosing audio.


Jul 31, 2012
Hi guys. I need an audio system that can hook up to my pc and is under 5000 dollars usd. I was thinking of magnepan 3.7's. Are they 5000 dollars a pair or for each one? Any suggestions on a good audio system would be appreciated. I was also thinking of getting a grado ps1000 with an amp and fireface 800 instead. What do u guys think? Which is better quality sound?
Magnepan is much better. You should also use it with a single subwoofer.
You need a power amp.
The audio comes out of the computer, LINE level.
The line plugs into the input of the power amp.
The power amp powers the right left speakers.
The sub I mentioned has it's own power amp built in.
So, you can use an integrated amp / receiver amp / or just a power amp.
The computer will not power speakers directly, you need an amp between the computer and the speakers.
Magnepans require a pretty good amount of power, so make sure you get an amp with enough output wattage to drive them.


musical marv

Feb 26, 2011
Magnepans are great speakers but need power to drive them correctly. I use to own them for years. Buy the 1.7 Maggie a great speaker and not that costly indeed. Cost about $2000 a pair. Maggies are the closest thing to live sound compared to box speakers. You do not need a SUBWOOFER with them either.Go to the Magnepan website to check them out. Good Luck. Marv