Need Suggestion: Best Cyber Week Laptop for Parents sub-$350


Aug 30, 2007
My dad's using a decade old laptop and needs an upgrade. He only uses it for email, web browsing and some home office programs (Office, Quicken).

We want to get him a new laptop for Christmas and want to find the best quality for price, so the question is are there any laptops on sale for under $350 that have a decent build quality and components.

As this will be used for some office programs, it needs to be a laptop, not a notebook or chromebook. Also, he's a mechanic so it can't have a cramped keyboard layout as he wouldn't be able to type with his big hands.

A tall order, but does anyone know of something that might be suitable for him.

Currently considering the ASUS D450CA-AH21 on sale on Amazon, what do you think?


Laptops = Notebooks. Same thing, different name.

15.6" HP 2000-2d11dx for $350.
3rd generation Intel Core i3 @ 2.4GHz with Intel HD 4000 graphics core. More than enough for his needs. Even capable of playing some non graphics intensive games.

15.6" Toshiba Satellite C55-A5302 for $300
Pentium CPU @ 2.4GHz. Basically same as Core i3, but no Hyper Threading (HT). I will not go into details, but most average people will not notice a performance with / without HT. It has an Intel HD graphics core (no model #); good enough to watch Blu-Ray movies and sites like Youtube. However, it has a number pad which means the keyboard is a bit cramped compared to the above HP.

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