Need suggestions for single purpose ultra cheap tablet

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Mar 20, 2013
I brew beer... Now that we have that out of the way I have a question about options for an ultra cheap tablet.

I currently have 5 beers on tap in a homemade "keezer". This is basically a chest freezer converted to keep multiple 5 gallon kegs at 35 degrees F whilst dispensing them (ie. Keg-Freezer). My keezer handles 5 taps at a time. I have a computer programmer friend and we got to talking about the fun ways to improve upon my keezer. The culmination of this was to mount a touchscreen monitor to it which would display which beers are on tap and approximately how full each keg is. After searching around for small touchscreen LCD monitors I came to the conclusion that a super cheap android tablet would be MUCH easier to deal with.

Basically all I need this tablet to do is run one program that he and I will design. My thought is to have the tablet in landscape orientation with each of the beers represented left to right on the screen with a digital "label". Each time I dispense a beer I would simply touch which beer I am dispensing and the program will subtract 16oz from the total left, giving me a % of beer left in the keg.

This would not require any super awesome graphics or huge computing power. All I need is a simple cheap tablet that will run. My though is somewhere around 7".

Any suggestions for cheap brands? I'm hoping to get something well under $100

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