Need support on my computer should i upgrade ? (Please Help Me)


Dec 30, 2016
Hello all,

Currently i do youtube on my pc and all the specs will be listed down below. I just need advise on should i upgrade my pc/buy new one? This is what i need it to do:

What i need my pc to do:

1.) Record game play with my Elgato in 720P.

2.) Record my voice at the same time while recording gameplay with Audacity.

3.) Record my face with my webcam with the Logitech webcam/software.

Issue i am getting:

When i started to record my game play with out my brand new webcam which i got yesterday everything was fine. At that time i was useing my Elgato game capture HD60 Pro with the elgato. And recording my voice with Audacity software.

Since i got my brand new webcam which records in 720p 60FPS with out the elgato open/recording. The quality is amazing with no lag at all. Since i tried to open my elgato and audacity and the webcam recording software at the same time this is when the lag started to happen like when i record my webcam it freezes and laggs like hell but this does not happen when the elgato software is open and active.

So i dont know if this means my computer is not power full enough ??? Or i got bugs on my computer/ virus or something but i clean my computer all the time and i got AVG etc.???

Please help me and advise me what to do.

My current PC specs are:

Mother Board: MSI 970 Gaming

RAM: 16.00GB

CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor 4.00 GHz (Core Clock 1250MHz)

HardDrive: 1T

GPU: Graphics Chipset
Radeon (TM) RX 470 Graphics

Power Pack: 1000w

Windows: 10


Jul 21, 2017
Hi there, according to me I don't think you need to upgarde your PC. I think you should consult a professional who can provide you the best solution for your problem.