Need to Know if this RAM Upgrade is Compatible with Lenovo G40-30


Apr 21, 2017
Hi, I recently decided I want to upgrade the RAM of my Lenovo G40-30 as it only has 2GB. Ive decided to go with Crucial RAM, but am unable to find the ones mentioned as compatible on their site here in South Africa. I have however found two which seem like they match those, but I dont know if they would work or not. Would any experts be able to help me out?

Here are the links to the two RAM modules:

Here is the list of RAM that is compatible according to the Crucial site:

Thanks in advance


Nov 11, 2013
just remember memory not sold as a ''KIT'' are not guaranteed to work together by the manufacture

[from gskill]
I want to install more memory, in addition to my existing memory kit. What are my options?

We do not recommend mixing memory kits, regardless of brand or model.

By mixing memory kits together, there may be compatibility issues such as unable to boot or unable to operate at rated specifications.

Each of our memory kit are thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility within each memory kit. And because we have not tested our memory kit with your existing memory kit, we cannot guarantee compatibility when multiple kits are used.

corsair crucial Kingston will say the same thing and that goes for individual sticks individual sticks were not tested or to be used in a ''KIT'' an sold as individual sticks to be used a s that

overall 2 individual sticks should work as noemal but theres all ways that higher risk they may not play well togather as 2 matched in a kit would

'' The advantage to buying a kit over simply ordering a collection of the same module is that kits are packaged specifically with identical matched parts guaranteed to work together in the same system and at the same speed, but we cannot guarantee that modules ordered individually will be identical to each other.

did you look to see if you have 2 slots ?? this guy thought so and found it only has 1 ?

may need to look levenos forums over on your model to see whats all said first . may save you some money time and headache before you buy


Feb 4, 2017
They seem to be fine. As long as when you order them, you only order from one page. The first Crucial is Model CT51264BF160B, while the other is CT51264BF160BJ. If you're ordering more than one, order both of them from the same page. If you order these two and plug them into the SODIMM slots together, since they're technically different models, they will more-than-likely not work. :)
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