Need to turn off / remove HP proprietary screen brightness control

Mr Davo

Feb 22, 2010
Hi Everyone,

I have an HP 455 G1 laptop - http://

This particular laptop ships with an automatic screen brightness control feature which relates directly to the area of 'white space' (e.g.: blank word document, control panel dialogs, etc) that is being displayed.

If there is a lot of 'white space' on the screen the display does dim. Conversely if there is a large area of 'black space', or darker colours then the screen automatically becomes brighter. I find this feature to be quite disconcerting, and I want to turn it off.

If you have never seen this feature before, or you doubt it's existence please do NOT bother to respond to this post.

I have purchased several laptops with this exact same model (about 5 to date) for the business I work for, and on one occasion I sent a laptop back to the shop because I was convinced that it was faulty. The shop simply 'turned off' or uninstalled the HP proprietary feature / software package and then sent the laptop back to me.

Since re-configuring the laptop that I sent back the shop can't remember how they performed the procedure. Rather than send the laptop back to the shop (due to time constraints) I would like to get this done by myself.

Any help here will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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