Need USB Sound Card for Custom Sampled Sounds

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Jeffrey Webb

Jul 2, 2015
I have gone to quite some expense to purchase custom sampled sounds for musical instruments I am composing for. As such, I would like to have the best sound output for me to hear them. My first step is the sound card for my PC, I would imagine. Can anyone please advise me? I see a lot of advice for gaming, but not sure if that applies to my needs or not. help? Thanks, Doc.

I use Finale! as the notation/production/composition software, if that matters.

Also, if anyone can recommend other things I can do as well to get as authentic of a reproduction of the natural sounds I have had recorded, I would appreciate that too - Greatly!

Have a Good One!


Apr 17, 2016
Mate, there's a good reason why you won't see much talk about pro audio on tom's, it's more mainstream.

To get you started, as to what's out there for usb audio have a look at Sweetwater (not an endorsement, just to give you an idea of how much gear there is)
and then you may want to have a look at some pro audio forums. Again, not an endorsement, but a starting area.

But to give you a rough idea, you will be looking at an audio interface that covers the widest range of frequencies and bit rates, ideally with midi, input interfaces, EG microphone, instruments.
You'd then be looking at monitor speakers for a neutral/flat response.

Good Luck.
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