Netflix’s 'A Man in Full’ wasn’t full enough for critics — but it’s still a worthwhile watch

May 26, 2024
After 4 episodes, I was losing interest. Conrad was the only truly sympathetic male character and came to any unexpected resolution. Peepgrass was a slimy caricature that I would love to play poker against for his total lack of self control and demonstrativeness. The mayor displayed the baseless lack of character seen in most politicians. Croker was a Trump wannabe. Richmond, though lower key, was just as repulsive in his own way despite his less overt Alpha male tendencies. I was a bit surprised Diane Lane signed up for this. While obviously a fantasy scene for many of a certain age, I was surprised to see her in that position. All things considered, I thought this ended as well as it could for most of the characters as I wanted to see it, if not down right hilarious. Some characters surprised me, but I really wanted to see the cop have more of a comeuppance. All in all, it was disappointing overall, but but while many shows fizzle to a predictable ending this ended with a magnificent flourish. It's worth a watch but isn't deserving of any accolades.