Netflix crash — it may be time for this nuclear option


Oct 18, 2021
Pretty sure I’m done with Netflix. It’s the most expensive, and at the same time most restrictive, streaming network available.

And one thing just keeps coming after the next. I have to pay too much just so 2 of my family can watch shows at the same time. Then prices went up, along with promises to add more if I wanted to share my account with a daughter who recently left home. I can avoid that by telling her to get her own account, but the prospect of ads is not something I will tolerate. No doubt I’ll be offered an even more expensive sub to mostly get rid of them.

Netflix is not the next Hulu (completely redundant), it’s not the next cable. Netflix is Blockbuster. Too arrogant to understand its restrictive practices and high fees will drive a quick series of nails into its coffin.

At current prices I could replace Netflix with 2-4 alternatives and save money - and probably still have access to 90% of the same content. Very little is exclusive that is worth watching.
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Apr 25, 2022
Agree with you Agggrophobic that the service is too expensive. I’m ok with 5.99- 7.99 a month. 20 + is too rich for my blood. Still have Prime and Disney+ and thinking hard on dropping Disney if it gets much more expensive.