News Netflix is raising prices: This is how much more you'll spend


Aug 6, 2008
I'm done with Netflix, they've become as bad as the evil cable company that I cut the ford to get away from high prices, and constant high rate hikes. Netflix raised it prices last time stating it came from the large amount of new shows they were producing, yet the majority of those shows were in a non-English foreign language. This past year they have canceled a ton of shows, and most aren't even being replaced. On top of that, only the Canadian and US customers are getting a rate hike, while the rest of the world remains at their same month rate.
Good ridden Netflix!
Feb 1, 2022
Amazon Prime's offering is a great value at $119/year. Add a dollar and you're essentially looking at $10/month plus free Whole Foods delivery, free Kindle First Reads, and, oh yeah, free shipping lol