News Netflix just canceled one of its biggest shows of 2021

Dec 10, 2021
Possibly this show didn't appeal to fans of the original. The majority of the people like me watching this had never seen the original however. I thought it was cool and the acting was great. I hated the ending especially if they didn't know they would get a second season.
I binged the original (not for the first time and also available on Netflix for the time being) before watching the live version just so it was fresh in my head. So rare that a remake is as good as the original. This didn't do so. I enjoyed it enough to hope for a second season (was kinda hoping to see how Ed would be played). I thought Cho was a very passable Spike. To me, it seemed like he was the only one that watched the original and understood the character. IMO, Jet wasn't brusque enough and Faye wasn't irritated enough and, as previously mentioned, no Ed.

I also loved that they brought in the original musical score conductor for the intro!

Just my opinion, of course

-Wolf sends