New Asus laptop won't connect to internet

Dice Rollen

Jun 9, 2015
I recently got a brand new Asus ROG laptop & I've been having some issues with internet connection with it. All day it's been showing that it's connected to the wifi & its secured but then it won't load web pages & things like Dropbox say that it can make a secure connection. It had no problem with wifi before.

Other devices can connect to & use the wifi no problem. The wifi is also a hotspot.

I've tried uninstalling the network driver & restarting. That worked a couple times but not for very long.
What's the problem here?
make sure if the laptop has an on/off switch for wifi card on the bottom of the laptop is all the way on. if the laptop has both wifi and onboard ethernet ports go in and disable the onboard ports and then reboot. some time i seen where if both ports are on it can lock up you internet.
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