Question New attempt at smart home setup

Aug 28, 2022
I have spent days trying to answer these questions! The background for this is that we are converting two rooms in the house as a granny annex and adding two replacement rooms to replace them. Other room changes resulting from the extension make this a good time to consider a new approach to smart home. Here are some of the underlying conditions:

We will be getting a decent wifi router to replace the ISP-provided equipment. The shape of the house and experience so far means I expect this to provide good coverage throughout the house.
Not interested in Apple kit as we don't use any other Apple equipment.
I am thinking of getting an Aeotec hub for all the Smart Home stuff.
We will be getting a tado smart thermostat system.
We have quite a lot of Google Home stuff plus two Amazon Fire TV sticks, but I don't particularly want to expand the Amazon side of the system.

In the annex, I want to put in smart light switches in all locations plus smart socket adapters for plugged-in lighting. I want to install action/scene buttons to allow lighting to be switched off/on with one switch and also maybe to have some kind of simple panic button action. For example, an action button next to the bed will switch off all lights except the bedside light. One next to the front door will switch off all lights. I would like to do this in the Google Home environment if possible, but it could happen through the Aeotec if necessary.

In the rest of the house, I need a smart dimmer in the living room and I want a smart switch in a couple of other rooms. I want to replace the video doorbell as the current one doesn't work well. There are a couple of cameras, but I am happy to use an ONVIF app to view them.

My question isn't about recommendations for equipment, but how this all works together. My hope is that anything that is Google Home, Alexa, Zigbee or Z-Wave compatible will work through the Aeotec hub and the associated app. Also, with the action buttons in the annex, can that be implemented directly in Google Home or does it have to happen through the hub? I don't want to buy loads of kit only to find I can't do what I want to. I can find nothing online that gives this sort of overview. Finally, will the introduction of Matter in a few months make any difference or are there aspects of that which need taking into consideration?

I hope that all makes sense. Any input gratefully received!