New Bose CW35's- How to get the best sound from computer to headset through Bluetooth?


Jan 6, 2014

I bought a new pair of Bose CQ35's that'll come in a few days. I don't play video games, maybe once in a month, but I listen to a ton of music (as most programmers do ^-^ ). What I'm concerned about is getting the best sound out of these headphones through their Bluetooth. I could buy a cheap USB-Bluetooth adapter to plug into my computer, but I don't know if that will take advantage of the sound quality achievable with the CQ35's.

As you may see by the link below, my motherboard has an optical S/PDIF out:

And could buy an S/PDIF out to Bluetooth device like this:

But concern I have is that S/PDIF only supports certain types of formats. I listen to music through Spotify and Youtube. How am I able to check if they support S/PDIF? Also if they do, do they even stream noticeably good quality using S/PDIF?

Also, I don't know if the my motherboard actually provides the same sound quality/difference between a dedicated sound card, even though it has an S/PDIF out. I've been looking at this:
Which also has a S/PDIF out, but I assume it processes sound better.

Is this pricey upgrade worth it over a USB Bluetooth adapter? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!