New Bug Lets Nosy Neighbors Hijack Your TV

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Aug 23, 2013
I remember a friend had a watch with an IR blaster. It was fun to change the channels/volume on TVs in big box stores or even restaurants. Nothing too offensive then.However, can you imagine what pranksters could do if they had full control over what was displayed on a TV at BestBuy? That could lead to some serious problems with the images!


Jul 25, 2012
It is safe cause Windows is not safe anyways otherwise we wouldn't have Tuesday Patch every week. Just have a good Antivirus and Firewall and don't use IE and XP is good to go.
False. An AV can only really work within the bounds of the operating system. Many won't even support XP any longer, and the fact is you can't build a stable building on a cracked foundation.Do you not understand how incredibly stupid it is to say Windows is not safe anyway and therefore you should not upgrade? The difference is a boat flooding and taking more holes, while other MS operating systems are programmed to be more secure at a base level - and unlike XP, they're still being patched.Seriously, I know this is ranting, but why do people say something so appallingly ill-thought out? Simple, they don't know what they're talking about. XP is far less secure than newer versions of Windows, and it isn't getting patched to boot. You put two and two together.
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