New Cookoo Smartwatch Looks Good, Lasts Long

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Aug 7, 2014
Please think twice before buying this! I signed up for an account after being a pure reader for many years just to save you from being taken advantage of!

It is true that their kickstarter was technically "successful," but only in the sense that they got their money and "something" was delivered to backers. If you actually read the kickstarter for comments/details, you will see it was a complete failure and very nearly a scam (although i think the failure was due to incompetence and a willingness to over promise to get backer money rather than an outright scam).

What actually happened was the maker made numerous promises to backers that he to this day (or at least a few months ago) did not keep. Years later android support is still basically non existent, even though the maker claimed it would be there. Even for people with iphones, there are constant complaints of the watch not connecting or losing connection constantly.

Many of us gave this person money for a product he never delivered and if I can stop one other person from losing money to this person, the losses of the kickstarter backers will not have been in vain!

They should give all of their kickstarter backers this watch for free so that maybe, they finally deliver on their promises. I'd happily send back the useless paper weight he sent in exchange for it.

But don't take my word for it, talk to OTHER owners of this person's products.
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