New Epson Projector trying to connect surround sound to older home stereo system that doesnt have hdmi port

Mar 8, 2018
The Epson Projector only has 1 hdmi port - I am using this port to plug the projector into my laptop to view movies. The only sound is coming from my projector. I originally wanted to watch movies from a usb stick and I purchased a converter that has hdmi to rca audio so I could watch the usb and plug projector directly into stereo receiver. But the projector does not recognize the video on the usb stick. So I used the hdmi to plug directly into the laptop to view the movie and purchased a 3.5mm audio to rca audio and tried plugging that into the projector audio and rca end into stereo receiver. The sound is still only coming from the projector. Please help with how I can get this to work to watch movies and have surround sound.
Change the audio device from HDMI to the headphone out on the laptop audio control panel.
This will get you a stereo audio output. If the receiver has a digital audio input then using an HDMI input selector with audio extraction will work better. Will also allow for other HDMI sources to play to the projector and receiver.
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