Question New House, Need to design and build a system. What would you build it in 2020 ?


Jul 9, 2018
Hi Everyone. Sorry if this has been asked b4. It's 2020 . New Home automation systems almost weekly. What would you use to create a cost-effective home system? I have Cat 5 cables running the 4 corners for my POE security cameras which links with Amazon and Apple. Little or no battery units please as we are old and too old to be climbing ladders. Cloud control is fine but needs to stand alone if we lose the internet. Have Clipsal Saturn switching ( mechanical ones ) and no smart lights. All controlled from the switch. There is just too many options out there.. Please help Cheer Rob from Aus

Hi Again, I've read some of the old replies and a common question is what do I want to do. So, this is how I see it working. Sorry for the Novel Story.
I am driving home from a long hard day of playing golf. As I approach my home the front electric gates open as does the garage door. If it's late, the outside security lights turn on.
As i approach the front door, it will unlock and as I step in, the ceiling lights will turn on at 50%. The floor has hydronic heating so it will be nice and toasty as I kick my shoes off, sit down and relax. With a simple voice command, the tv will turn on as my wife brings me a hot coffee.. ( Ok, that's just wishful thinking ). Being late in the evening, the remote blinds and curtains have closed and won't reopen until the morning unless I give it a voice command to open them to a nice romantic scene. My Security cameras, which are linked to the system reports no issues. Finally, as I head off to bed, I give a command say "Good NIght "and everything in the living area will turn off, the security system will switch to night / sleep mode. The lights in the Master Bedroom are also voice-controlled as is the TV..
( the rest is private...)))))

OH, I forgot to mentions, I could have a Ipad or similar on the wall .