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May 27, 2014


Oct 13, 2012
If you can give us a Price range/ budget we would be able to help you even more.

Just some general things:
-In general you will not need more than 8gb of ram (preferable two 4gb sticks running at 1600mhz)
-APU's by AMD are great for gaming on a budget, but generate alot of heat.
-Do not worry about gigahertz focus on product tiers (ie A6, A8 or A10 for AMD or i3, i5 or i7 for intel) more ghz does mean faster but it is more usefully when comparing products of the same line
-If you are going for pure gaming w/o a budget aim for an i5 processor by intel (not ULV) at least, though a i5 ULV (Ultra-Low-Volatage) with a good GPU is not a bad pairing either
- For gaming at 1366x768 aim for these graphic card or higher (GT 650m, GT 740m or GT 750m or GT 840m) and any other comparable GPU offered by AMD
- For gaming at 1080p get at least (GTX 660m, GTX 760m, or GTX 860m) or of course higher and any other comparable GPU offered by AMD
- Stay away from these CPU/ APU product lines: A4 and A6 (and A8 if not on a budget) for AMD and Celeron, Pentium and i3 for Intel
- Dual Graphics by AMD are a NO-NO! AVOID!
- A ultrabook with a ULV i5 and a good gpu (i.e. GT 740, GT 650 or anything similar or better) is a good pairing if you want good battery life and moderate gaming is a good source for comparing laptop parts and finding relatively similar performing products

What is also important is not only the spec but the build quality, like the keyboard ( does the laptop seem to sink a bit everytime i press a key?), viewing angles of the monitor, the mouse pad.

personally i find that ASUS and Lenovo have very good build quality (and some high end Samsung and sony products)

Hope this Helps!


Oct 30, 2013
With all that said, You'll want i7 quad core, 8-16gb ram, and gtx 870/880m. Run minimal $1400 up to $3000. Weigh in at 10lbs.

You can cut the specs/save some money/shave off weight/get better battery. But you'll not get all the above. If you want the best of all, its the razer blade pro at $2500 or the new aaos or something and that's dual 860m's but also around $2500.

You can get a 7lb laptop, with decent gaming for $1000 from the Lenovo y510, but battery life and heat will get you.
You can get a 10lb msi gt50/70 for $1400 and get good gaming with the 870m, but heat will also get you and battery not the best
You can get a 10lb asus g750jm with 860m for $1400, not as good gaming as msi but heat will be a lot better and battery as well
You can get a 5lb new Lenovo with 860m with ok gaming and decent battery with some heat problems for $1300-1500
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