New laptop screen, No picture




Replaced the screen on my Sony Vaio laptop as the old one got cracked and only half the screen could be seen. But there is no picture at all.

Used a torch behind the screen and can see windows desktop and also have connected the laptop to tv which also works fine.

I decided to put the old screen back on to see if the new screen is faulty and the old screen is also now black with no picture. I could see half the old screen before replacing it but can not see anything now.

Any help is much appreciated.


Anyone know where the inverer board is located on a sony vaio vpceh2n1e, model PCG-71911M


Is this a big job? Where could I get the schematic. Thanks


Oct 27, 2012
I guess you never found that inverta board I was on about in the first forum post you made.

As said if it has one it is usually located when looking at the top quarter of the laptop.
Where the power button is, the strip should come off, you may have to undo some screws on the back side of the laptop to free it.

After that it should clip off.

The inverta board is normally located under there, if there is one depending on the back light system the Lcd screen uses.

As I said though, when you bought the new screen did you in fact check what type of back light system the new screen used.

I told you to check this.

Because in the event of doing this, you can damage the laptop it`s self if not done right.

Hence why the old screen half worked at first. and now does not along with the new screen.

As said blowing the screen, or a fuse of the laptop if it has one.

If you have not made the connection to the inverta board then you will get no back light behind the new screen if it is required. Or you bought a new screen that uses a cathode
back light system but the laptop only supports an Led back light array so no inverta board is required.

Now I will look at the schematic and let you know, also tell me where you got the new Lcd screen from to see if it matches.

To check if it is a Cathode back light system or a a Led array. I need from you the exact model number of the Viao laptop aswell. please. Send also a link of the exact new replacement screen you bought to replace the old screen of the Viao, with a link to it if you can in your next post.

Or we will be here for weeks at an end going around in loops.

There was no need for a double post if you follow the instructions given Btw.

Bellow is a practical example of why you should always check, the type of back light system used by a laptop first before buying a new screen, as you can see. That is why you have encountered the problem you have in the first place. Anyway it`s a bit of insight for you, we live and learn, sadly making mistakes. But hey we learn. So let`s see if it can be fixed eh !


Sorry mate, never realised I had two posts, im not as technical as you but im sure there was no coneccters for an inverter.

I disconnected two cables and connected them back properly to the screen itself and the webcam. There where no connections to inverter to be taken off.

No strip near the power button comes off and have been told by someone that these laptops dont have inverters.

Sony Vaio - VPCEH2N1E/W
Model - PCG-71911M

Original Laptop Screen Number - Samsung - LTN156ATO5-Y02

Compatible Screen Bought - CHIMEI - N156B6-LOB

As jarotech has mentioned it could be a fuse.


Bought screen from ebay......
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