New Laptop SSD windows 8 problem


Jan 4, 2015
I bought a new laptop, that has windows 8 on it. I want to put SSD in there instead of HDD. Can i just connect the SSD through Sata -usb cable and copy the whole content of HDD onto that drive? (Clone?) Would everything work that way? Its a touch screen laptop and I am worried something might not work after I do a full on reinstall, I had some driver problems before with other laptop. I have windows 8 disk. Thank you!


Aug 21, 2006
Just copying the files to the SSD won't work. Your best option would be to create a recovery drive to a usb stick using the Windows built in feature. You can access it by going to control panel (windows key + x and select control panel) > recovery > Create a recovery drive. Tick on the option 'Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive' and press next and follow the instructions. Also the manual which came with the laptop or the laptop manufacturers website should have instructions if there are any specific steps needed for your particular model, but the Windows built in feature should work though. You can then use this USB recovey drive to do a fresh install of Windows to your new SSD.

If the SSD came with cloning software you could try to go with that but I would always recommend a fresh install (if possible) when switching to a SSD. Just make sure you backup any files from the old HDD to a external HDD/usb stick or whatever you have available to easily transfer any files you need to the new install. Also hold on to that usb recovey stick you make because Windows 8 laptops/computers don't seem to come with the serial key sticker on the computer anymore and it could be the only way to reinstall without having to buy a new copy of Windows in case of harddrive failure (some people have had a problem with this).

Yes, you can clone your entire existing drive and transfer the image to the SSD. As long as the clone is successful, you should be good to go with the image on the SSD. :)


Nov 11, 2011
Your method won't work... If you have any important data on your old hard drive... I suggest you copy it onto a thumb drive or upload temp to an online storage site or burn onto a DVD.. once that is done... Go into the BIOS and change it from IDE to AHCI which is recommended for SSDs. After that open up your laptop and simply switch out drives... insert the Windows DVD and proceed with the install... it should run smoothly... after that.. copy back over your data and do the updates... I've installed SSD's into two laptops over the years... it's fairly simple... just make sure you double check the max height supported in your laptop for a 2.5 drive... While you're doing that... You could also consider adding more memory as a later project if you don't have enough.