New laptop, works great, but when I close it and open it I get an odd problem


Jan 6, 2014
My laptop is great for gaming and generally fast, but it's the weird problem I mentioned in the title. When I close it and open it again, it won't work. The screen is almost like a broken graphics card, or a screen that's punctured. The screen is on, but it doesn't show anything good. If I move my mouse around there is a box that follows the grey and slightly colored squiggly lines down the screen. I thought it was broken, but when I restart it's gone and I can use my laptop.

Another notable thing: It doesn't do this when it falls asleep from staying open. Only when I close the top.

I have updated my graphics drivers, partially reformatted, then sis a full reformat. No Bueno. The last thing I can think of is a bios update.

Here's the model on the website.

Thanks for reading and helping!
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