Question New pair of Kali Audio LP-6s with different hissing sounds

Jun 4, 2020
Good day everyone! A new pair of Kali Audio LP-6s was delivered to me today and I spent the last hours setting everything up and testing them. I am very satisfied with the sound quality, but there is a minor issue.

I noticed that the white noise / hissing, which is audible when no audio is playing, and which is normal for this model, is not the same on both speakers.

More specifically, the right speaker has a rather warm or "clean" sounding, low frequency hissing that becomes inaudible when music is playing, while the left speaker has that same hiss with a high frequency noise on top, reminds me of some kind of electrical interference sound you get with low quality sound cards.

Here are the things I have tried so far :)

1. Tried the XLR cable from the other speaker

2. Tried the input "port" where the other speaker was plugged into the interface

3. Tried a different power outlet

I am using the Scarlet 2i2 Gen 3 Interface with XLR to TRS cables. A friend of mine has a very similar setup, but the hiss sounds are the same on both speakers for him.

I am bothered by this mainly because the hiss of the left speaker remains somewhat audible on low to medium volume. Further, Kali Audio themselves mentioned under this video that everything is fine as long as the hissing sounds the same.

Do you guys think that the speaker may have some kind of damage? Or could there be outside factors I did not account for which cause the high frequency noises?

Thank you in advance! Let me know if I missed any details that you want me to mention.
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