Question new phone app/data transfer technique to "fix" current phone?

Sep 22, 2022
OK, sorry for the worst title to a question, ever. Hopefully the rest of this will make sense.

I am still using my first-ever smartphone. I bought it about 5-6 years ago and it still works well--very few complaints.

I mention this only because it means that I've never before gone through the process of transferring anything from a phone to a new phone.

So I apologize if this question is overly naive.

That said...

I know there are probably various ways people transfer information to their new phones. Samsung has something called SmartSwitch to do this, for example.

My current phone (again, my first-ever smartphone and one which I'm still pretty happy with) is sometimes a little sluggish, despite my efforts to use the built-in tools to "optimize" it, such as clearing residual unnecessary stuff that it identifies, etc.

I assume that the main reason for this is due to residual junk of a different sort. The sort that is hard to identify and probably is not cleaned up completely by the phone's own optimizing tools. Remnants of memory leaks, potential malware, inefficient use of storage and memory by installed apps, etc. etc.

So I am wondering about the possibility of going through the motions of saving everything on my phone as if I were to transfer it to a new phone, but instead, doing a complete factory reset of my current phone, and then loading my saved stuff back to my own phone.

Of course, this assumes at least three things:

1. SmartSwitch or similar methods allow this.

2. The sluggishness of the phone is due to the reasons I surmise and that a factory reset would clear those things.

3. Restoring the apps/data back to my phone (or any new phone) does NOT restore the problematic junk along with it.

Can anyone comment on this? Is my logic sound? Is this technique possible? And most importantly, is it likely to work?

And yes, of course I know I could just buy a new phone....

Thank you!
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