New Record Player and Receiver Recommendations


Oct 19, 2014
My first post!

I'm looking to invest in some home theater equipment. My house currently has surround sound speakers in the wall in our family room, two speakers in the dining room, and two outdoor speakers. None of these are currently connected to anything, although they have speaker outlets built into the wall. We used to have a receiver we would use for the family room but it was VERY dated and we finally got rid of it. The speakers came with the house - I'm not sure of the manufacturer or model, but they sound decent enough.

Fast forward to today - I've started a vinyl collection, and I'm looking to get a multi-zone receiver and a decent to great record player. I also want to hook up some wireless speakers in my office so that I can stream from the receiver to my office without having to play it thorugh the whole house. This latter portion is optional but definitely would be nice.

Any suggestions on record players, receivers, and wireless speaker setup would be appreciated! The family room has a large TV, so it would be nice to run sound thorugh the receiver to the existing surround speakers instead of through the TV as well.