Question New TV connected to old AV receiver

Feb 27, 2019
I have not found an answer to my question and setup I'm looking for. I have a new HCL 6 Series TV. I want to connect the audio (output) to my old AV Receiver. I have nice outdoor speakers that wire back to my entertainment system via RCA cables that hook into my AV receiver. So, I want to play Pandora through my streaming TV interface, output the music to my AV Receiver and play through my outdoor speakers. Oh, and I don't want wires between the TV and AV Receiver. I have a clean wall mounted setup and would like to keep it that way. Is this possible? Currently, I have a bluetooth transmitter hooked up to my AV Receiver and I play music outside via phone/tablet speaking to transmitter. But I would like to use one Logitech universal remote and one interface (TV). Would love everyone's thoughts on this. Thanks.
Feb 16, 2019
Basically, you need to get the signal from your TV to your receiver for amplification to your outdoor speakers - hidden. There are several bluetooth transmitters and receivers available. This one (below) seems to fit the bill, as it can be a transmitter and receiver. You'll need two dedicated to the signal you want from your TV. I'd shop around and do some research in order to be confident of the best solution. Regardless of your choice, you need to take the signal from your TV, transmit it to a bluetooth receiver, via a bluetooth transmitter, which gets the signal to an available input on your A/V receiver. If your TV has a TOSLINK optical audio output, that's one small cable, versus a fatter L+R analog connection. It includes the digital AND analog connection cables and is small enough to be hidden. If your old receiver has optical audio inputs, I'd use this option. If not, use the analog outputs on the bluetooth receiver to connect to the A/V receiver. Good luck!
Feb 27, 2019
Thanks. I kind of suspected that. I do have a bluetooth receiver and transmitter. I'm not sure how I ensure they speak to each other other than turning off all other bluetooth devices in the room and seeing if they pair since there is no user interface I can use or see to directly tell them to pair. I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the response.
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