Question New tv wont detect 5.1!!!

Jun 20, 2020
So i bought a tcl series 6 tv last week. The picture quality is amazing but im having problems with the audio. When i go to audio settings and autodetect it only displays stereo. I have an optical cable from the tv to my reciever and the ps5 to the tv. No matter what setting i chose, 5.1, dolby,dts it only outputs stereo. I tried changing some sound settings on my ps5 and nothing. I then plugged in an hdd where i have my movies stored and some of the movies where silent, no audio whatsover, so i went back to audio settings on the tv and changed it from autodetect to dolby digital, dts and when i played the movies i had 5.1 audio. Why can i do that with an hdd but not with the ps5. Do i have it hooked up the right way??
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