Newbie: how do I know what's important?

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Aerticeus wrote:
> Once you have shelled out the readies then you will know and as a
> previous poster mentioned: do a price match purchase from Jessops
> after explaining your dilemma
> The trouble is you may not get a direct answer on Saturday or Sunday
> as sales staff may have to consult some central office. And guess
> what?
> Yep, it's not available Sats and Suns (well it wasn't before I bought
> the S1 IS - I tried )
> Aerticeus

They did for us (FZ20 on a Saturday - Oct 23), although going in when they
are less busy may be a better idea! You might have saved GBP 70 or so. I
hope you got your 25 off free print vouchers as well.



Apr 1, 2004
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My criteria for my last purchase started with "What results?" In other
words what do the images look like to me?

After that come the niceties of what else the camera can do.


"Pattern-chaser" <> wrote in
> The point of this post is to ask you all: how do I know what's important?
> I have some past experience of 35mm SLR photography, but I am a complete
> novice when it comes to digital photography. So I read magazines,
> newsgroups and other reviews, hoping to learn. My most difficult problem -
> I expect this applies to all newbies! - is how to know whether some
> feature (or drawback) of a particular camera will matter to me or not.


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Given the camera has a good autofocus, I really don't think manual
focus has any advantage other than that it dissociates focus from
exposure, so, say, you can use half-shutter-press to spot meter on
another object without interferring with focus.
Am I missing something? .


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Ha ha ha. Actually this is very good advice. I did that matrix thing,
prioritizing the factors that mattered to me. It did clarify things and
put them in perspective. For example, on my last purchase, I would no
longer think about what battery or memory card type a camera used,
whereas in the past I had restricted myself to AA and SD/CF. I just
went straight for size (if it's too big I won't take it anywhere I know
that from experience - no point of a great cam that'll be sitting
home), then image quality and full manual control THEN battery and
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