Question Nextbook 10 Restore

Aug 9, 2021
I have a Nextbook 10 that will not boot. After on attempt at booting from the regular Win 10, it gets a blue screen and tries to reboot into the Recovery partition. That ultimately gets to a blue screen as well.

I have created a windows 10 repair/restore USB flash drive but can't get the tablet to recognize it. From what I have read, holding F12 should get me the Boot menu but it doesn't. I've tried Power On and Volume Up. Nothing. Power On and Volume Down. Nothing. If I let it go to the blue screen after it tries to boot to the Repair partition, I can press F10 and get a DOS looking screen but no real options. I have seen a "1) Safe Mode, 2) Safe Mode with Networking..." but that didn't get me anywhere either.

My question is, Can you boot a Nextbook 10 from a USB flash drive plugged into the keyboard? Should it be Window 10 64-bit? What do I have to do to get the tablet to boot from a USB flash drive that I haven't already tried??

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!