Question Nextbook Windows 10

Oct 25, 2021
Says computer unexpectedly shut down or encountered an unexpected error… Windows installion cannot proceed…to install Windows click ok to restart computer,and then restart the installation….. but when I do that it restart’s and says the same thing….stays in preparing mode….tried factory restore and want’s password but can’t even get that far to put it in …. Done everything in this forum and nothing works please any help with this issue is greatly appreciated


Oct 29, 2021
I also face the same problem in my laptop while updating .So I look for the soluation for this problem and i found this soluation which help me.

The soluation was that you can fix the computer restarted unexpectedly error by resetting your BIOS and setting your USB flash drive as a first boot device and it work for me.

you can try this it can help you in solving the issuse. I hope this will work for you
and one more soluation to implement for that you have to follow this steps:
  • open command promt
  • write Regedit in the command promt
  • then a window will open and click on HKEY local machine
  • click on system and now click on the status
  • now click on the child completion
  • if setup exe is 1
  • then click on it and change it to 3 and then click ok
  • Now you system will restart
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