NFL Plus streaming service announcement has me a bit deflated

Sep 13, 2022
NFL+ should be renamed NFL-
What one got for free last year now costs $5/mo, and it's a real step backwards.

First, there don't seem to be any stats available during games. You used to be able to quickly see both individual and team stats. Now they don't seem to be available until after the game, they are incomplete (no total yards, no time of possession, etc.), and there are no individual stats at all.

Second, you used to be able to switch easily between watching a game and seeing its plays, stats, highlights, etc. easily (in portrait mode), and also between games. Now, almost every time I rotated my iPhone from portrait to landscape (after trying unsuccessfully to find stats or switch to another game), the game was cut off and the app displayed a large NFL+ logo, as if I hadn't paid! And it took a considerable time for the app to "re-recognize" me. Eventually I got the game back, not always the one I wanted to watch, and what a pain! Other times I was connected to one of the other games currently available.

Whoever wrote this app should be forced to look at nothing but the NFL+ logo for several hours!!