Nikon D5100 in India and Lenses

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Dec 4, 2011
I have been trying to get my hands on a D5100 and i am unable to find it in India and retailers say that the company has put a hold on the camera. Is there any specific reason for it because the camera was only released in India in May of 2011. Will they be bringing back the camera any time soon??

Another Question i had was about the lenses. I had an old school Minolta SLR film camera and i have all possible lenses of it and had spent a lot of money on it. So if i buy a nikon camera, is there any adapter or any other way that i can use those manual lenses on my new nikon camera instead of spending so much money again on lenses?


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For information on specific Nikon products, contact Nikon's website and send them an email.

The use of film camera lenses in digital cameras is an entire different story.

1) The Nikon mount is different as you probably already know.
2) The focal length is not the same for the film lenses and the digital lenses. As a result, only about 2/3 of what is seen in the viewfinder will be captured on the digital sensor.
3) The 'Auto Focus' will not work.
4) Adapters may be available at B&H Photo -

I understand your situation. I have some great Nikon Nikkor film camera lenses that will fit the new digital Nikons, but have the above mentioned limitations.
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