Nikon D5300 dSLR


May 25, 2014
Hey everyone

im looking in to upgraing myself with new camera. I looked around and decided to go with DSLR/
i saw Nikon D5300 and D5500.
Im gonna use the camera for family trips, landsacpe shooting, i want an affordable but good camera/ So which camera would you go with? the D5300 or D550?

Also if you could help me with choosing lenses' im new at this


Dec 23, 2015

Sorry for replying late.
I initially bought d5500 but then returned it and then got d5300 because there is nothing in d5500, worth spending money (in my opinion) expect touchscreen

d5500 has bit longer battery life takes 820 shots
d5300 takes 600 shots

Both have the same these same features Wi-Fi, 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensors, Expeed 4 image processor, 39-point AF systems, ISO range of 100 to 25600. Burst rate 5fps, .....

Both have WI-FI but d5300 has GPS feature which I think useless because it massively drains the battery but there is an option to turn off this feature.

>If the d5300 how is the image quality?
Both have the same image quality as already said both have same 'Expeed 4 image processor, 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensors'

BUT I still recommend you to go to your nearest camera shop and test both the cameras, and feel them in your hand, and ask yourself do you feel comfortable holding them? (as they are entry level dslr and not small camera (point and shoot))
D5300 is 480g
D5500 is 420g

>And do you know if it has nfc?
Don't know, may be I'd try to check it if you want

Personally, I don't go to camera shop as I buy online because I've good tech knowledge (still not an expert but this much knowledge serves my purpose)

I know how does it feel like when we want to an answer of our question. Who knows better than me and if someone answers it to the point we feel sooooo good hence I want to return that favor by helping others :)

If you need to know anything else do reply here, I'd love to be more helpful as much as possible but invest money wisely and get the good deal.



Dec 23, 2015
I'm not expert but this much I know for sure as I bought it for myself lately and also compared both of them:

1. Both have Articulated Screen which is helpful what you need for, you can see what is being recorded in flip screen. Even it's helpful in taking selfies but i actually bought for video recording

2. Both have WI-FI but d5300 has GPS feature which I think useless because it massively drains the battery but there is an option to turn off this feature. D5500 has Touch Screen whereas d5300 isn't have, now it's your personal preference whether you need Touch Screen or not otherwise

in my opinion d5300 is the best buy in your case.

Rest I guess experts are here to guide you further.


Jan 10, 2014
The better camera is the one that feels better to use. How a camera handles is far more important than its technical specification.

Any photographer worth their salt will tell you that lenses are far more important than camera bodies.

The quality of the shot is always down to the skill of the photographer. The best gear in the world won't do you any good if you don't know how to use it.

The best recommendation I can make is for you to get out there and try both cameras with a selection of lenses. If you rent the gear, so much the better.
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