Question No 5.1 sound via Sound Blaster Z SE

Apr 17, 2021
Hey y'all,

So I just got my Sound Blaster Z SE and installed, I wanted a constant DTS signal pretty much for everything. Per Sound Blaster Command, I select the Encoder DTS, I set the Default Device to Speakers which takes effect into both Command and Windows Sound Control Panel as Command states, I have the Z SE connected via the SPDIF Out line. However no sound whatsoever comes out from anywhere, running the test doesn't work.

Now if I set the SPDIF Out (Sound Blaster Z) I get sound fine but of course at just 2 channels. I saw this topic but that solution does not seem to work.

Anyone able to tell me if I'm just not understanding how this thing works?

I guess I just feel really dumb. I built this new PC replacing a 10 year old build, that old PC I downloaded an unlocked RealTek Driver and could have DTS set constantly and it worked fine with my receiver however this new I guess RealTek ALC4080 USB drive, I can't use those unlocked drivers and I had hoped just getting this sound card would get me back to what I like and I don't know what else to do.
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