Question No ARC and PC input issues on Onkyo receiver


Nov 3, 2001
I havbe an Onkyo tx-nr686 receiver. It currently has a (2019) Nvidia Shield TV, Xbox One S, and Virgin Media V6 box connected. All of these sources work perfectly with the Onkyo. I wanted to connect my PC to the receiver as well, via my Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 Super card for 4K 60hz HDR graphics and surround sound for Bluray discs and games. But when I connect the PC, the picture and sound "drop out" intermittently. It does this when connected directly from the 1650S HDMI, or from the Display Port using either a DP to HDMI cable, or adapter. I have tried multiple HDMI cables, going so far as to buying new cables to test the connection with. Also, the HDMI socket on the card is extremely loose, and the cable comes dislodged with very little movement. I sent a log to Nvidia support who have told me the receiver is reporting as "not starting" when the PC is connected to it. I am not sure what that means or even if it points to the receiver being at fault.

So then I tried connecting the PC to a spare HDMI port on my tv and using ARC for the audio connection. I get a stable picture connection ok, but there is no sound over ARC for any connections or onboard apps like Netflix and Youtube. I'm not worried about the apps as I have them on the Shield and Xbox. But I'm annoyed that ARC isn't working at all. CEC works fine. The TV remote turns the receiver volume up and down, the receiver remote doing the same on the tv. The tv also detects the receiver connected to the ARC socket. And to compound this, I tried ARC with another tv connected to the receiver today, and ARC didn't work with that tv either. I know the ARC system on the receiver was updated to eARC for HD digital audio for Dolby and DTS HD surround sound. So could it be this which is causing the issues?

Can anyone help me get my head around all of this, and help determine if there is a fault somewhere, or if its a case of some of the connected items just being incompatible?
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