No Audio From Sound Blaster Z


Nov 13, 2014
I've been having zero luck getting my basic audio setup to work. My 2.1 setup was working and literally just stopped. I'm at wits end. Here's my setup. I pray someone can help me!!

Cyber Acoustic 2.1 30watt audio system (dead basic)
EVGA Z97 FTW motherboard (Turned Azalia off)
Sound Blaster Z sound card with 2.1 speakers plugged into headphone jack.

I get no audio what so ever from the sound card. I've tried uninstalling the sound blaster software and literally all audio drivers. I currently just have the sound blaster Z drivers installed. Within the "Sound" control panel I have:

Speakers - Sound Blaster Z
SPDIF-Out - Sound Blaster Z. (Green bar idicating audio is working)

I've toggled both as default devices with no luck. I can plug these speakers into my laptops headphone jack and they were instantly. What am I doing wrong or missing?

They started screwing up when I plugged in my bluetooth headphone. I'd toggle between them via the sound control panel.


Oct 5, 2007
Move the speakers from the headphone jack to the speaker out jack (green and right next to the headphone jack). The headphone jack is best used for the headphones but when you first install the sound will be put to the speaker out jack. To change it you need to use the software to tell it to output to the headphone jack:

I would use the speaker out jack then use the headphone jack for, well headphones.
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