Question No Audio Input & output from audio interface

May 7, 2019
My audio interfaces PreSonus audiobox 96 and previous Behringer umc404hd have suffered with the same audio issue on my computer. Audio input and sometimes output do not have any signal and sometimes the device doesn't show.
Reinstalling the drivers, clearing and uninstalling drivers did not fix the issue.
I tried a powered usb hub which didn't work as well as various usb ports and also have freshly reinstalled my operating system on a fully wiped SSD.
The only 'fix' I've discovered so far is to create a new user account and suddenly the audio interface works again until the pc is turned off or goes into sleep mode.
I have an 850w Silver 80+ PSU and a Z97 Gaming 7 motherboard and I can confirm the audio interfaces 100% work on other computers and operating systems.
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