No audio on back left and right speaker in 5.1 spdif


Mar 23, 2013
I have an asus p5ne-sli(The onboard saoundcard supports 7.1channel audio) and i am using a spdif coax cable to connect it to my
home theater -
The receiver has some kind of proprietary connections to the speakers(2 wires go up and down in a clip like the Rj45) so i am stuck with spdif

i am using this test -

when i play the file i get front left ,front right center and subwoofer to play correctly but there is no audio on back left and right speaker

I tried a couple of movies too but there is no way of knowing if its working or not as it gives the same audio on front and back speakers, the front center is seperate though

I am using media player classic. and i set ffdshow audio filter to spdif out. still same issue

Main windows sound is set to spdif but the configure button is unclickable. Also there are no options to configure the digital output to 5.1 in realtek driver interface

lso the receiver shows DTS and dolby when i test via the windows sound pannel and i get woofer, front left,front right and center but again no audio on the back left and right.
All the speakers work perfectly including the back ones in when in stereo mode
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