no audio output device installed on hp pavilion dv6910us ??


Dec 4, 2013
Have a HP Pavilion dv6910us model laptop just did a fresh restore windows 7 and cannot recognize device in device manager an audio device etc no sound or device detected as it appears did however discover it an installed audio pci bridge controller ?? then installed audio driver Conexant HD audio driver with smart chip ?? cannot find the audio device the computer cannot ?? kinda stumped here any help would be greatly appreciated


Jan 3, 2012
Same deal for me. Mine came preinstalled with Vista 32Bit in 2008. I just installed Windows 7 64Bit ran great for 8 months with audio from the fresh install.

A month ago, after maintenance "audio output device not installed" and no sound "Big red X".
Installed Realtek drivers from their site, worked briefly... 3 days later same error "audio icon has the big red X".

    Same procedure again nothing.
    Installed drivers via "Add legacy hardware" in Device Manager,
    Verified that audio services were running and restarted them in services.msc.

Three days later, my machine went down hard (other reasons) had to reinstall Windows 7 64Bit.

I thought the audio drivers would reinstall themselves with clean install again. No deal.

In another post someone (TruongPham) had same problem yet in combo with their CD/DVD/RW drive wasn't working.
But this thread ends without a solution.
Spinning physically because you can hear it,
LED in the front flickering when spinning,
but no disc recognized in any of the software.

Which I am having the same issue. Yet the DVD drive issue happened a long time ago like a year and a half.

Weird so I wanted to see if that came up with anyone here viewing this post
Kill two birds with one stone?

    Tried the drivers on the HP website in regular and compatibility mode,
    Tried to force those Vista drivers to work,
    feel like I've tried everything that Google says.

Any help guys.
Thanks in advance.
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