No bass when playing music on computer through stereo


May 8, 2015
So, I've had an older Sony surround sound receiver (STR-D515) with two Cerwin Vega Re 20 Series speakers hooked up to my computer via the 3.5 inch RCA jack. Sound was pretty good, but I decided I needed more bass, so I bought a Sony powered subwoofer (SAW2500) and hooked it up. When I first hooked it up to the B speaker connections, the sound would quit playing on the A speakers when I pushed the B speaker button. I then connected the speakers directly to the subwoofer outputs and it worked, but it seemed to be lacking in bass. Next, I put the receiver on tuner and started playing some local radio and wham! Plenty of bass. Go back to the computer, no bass. Looked at my sound settings and can’t seem to find anything that fixes it. Also, when I’m playing music through iTunes and have Google Chrome or Windows Explorer open, the music skips. As soon as I close them, no skips. Highly annoying. By the way, the computer is an ASUS all-in-one running Windows 8.1 with Realtek soundcard.