No display or caps lock / num lock light - Hard drive spinning, Power light works, Win8 Laptop


Feb 3, 2015
I have a Windows 8 laptop (Toshiba Satelite L870D) which was working fine until an application was installed and then nothing shows up on the display (No bios or anything, no backlight) and no keyboard lights work (Caps lock, numlock..) The power light turns on and I can hear the hard drive spinning and the fan is also defintiely running. If I put in a CD then i can hear it trying to read the disc.

I have tried removing all the ram (no beeps or anything) - I tried removing one slot, and tried both slots and no difference.

I have tried removing the battery and ac adapter and holding the power button for 1 minute and then turning it on and it worked the first time and everything was running smooth, and then another application was installed and then the same problem happened, now when I try this again it does not do anything.

I have tried removing the hard drive and still nothing, I have tried multiple external monitors (VGA and HDMI) and have also tried combination keys (FN+f4) and (Windows button and p) and tried switching to external and nothing, I plugged it in, closed the laptop lid on startup, still no display on the external monitor.

Any ideas?