Question No image or audio on Panasonic TV (model TX-L19E3B)

May 19, 2020
No image or audio on Panasonic TV model TX-L19E3B....

1. A few weeks ago we started to have intermittent interruptions when a No Signal sign came up on the screen.

2. Then we lost reception altogether.

3. At first the red light on the front of the TV indicating that it was switched on from the wall showed; but when we tried to get say Channel 1 the green light flashed but without doing anything; the same for other Channels.

4. We tried the next day but then the red light came on but quickly vanished and has never come back on. The green light however was on and responded by flashing with the remote control but never actually found a channel. The green light has always stayed on.

5. Moved the TV to a different part of house where another TV is set up - plugged it into the other setup but nothing was any different in the new setting (so aerial is presumably OK).

6. TV is usually connected to a video recorder. Took out the three connecting leads from the back of the TV but no change. The 3 leads at the back of the TV for the recorder are yellow, white and red; they appear under the heading Audio In. I have reconnected them but no change.

Anyone have an idea of the likely problem? Is it worth taking to a repair shop or do I need to buy a new one?

Many thanks and much appreciation for any insights...
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