Question No more moving apps to micro SD card?


Aug 29, 2017
I recently upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy J2 Core (Android 8) to a Galaxy A12 (Android 10). The old device has the option in settings to format the SD card as either internal or external storage, and to move app storage for certain apps to the SD card. The new device does not have these options, the only thing you can move to the SD card are files. From talking to folks and online research, none of the newer phones any longer have those options. However, I'm told that you can get around this roadblock and still move apps to the SD card on newer Android phones. I downloaded an app called App Manager Pro III, and it lists which of my apps can be moved to the SD card, and which ones can't. But to perform this operation I first have to format the SD card to transfer the apps. To do this, online research tells me that I have to connect the SD card to a PC and delete any data on the card, and then format the card with the PC card somehow. I've called several cell phone places and they didn't know what I was talking about, uh WTF? Problem is, I don't have a PC. I do still have my old phone. If I insert the brand new San Disk Ultra 32 GB card into the old phone and format it, and the switch it to the new phone, will I then be able to transfer apps to the SD card on the new phone?
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