No Naval Battles for Assassin's Creed 4 Multiplayer

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Dec 6, 2011

I was. I thought it was the only good thing (not only, but close enough) about AC3. It was good but there was lots of things that I didn't quite as well such as the lack of free sea exploration and it wasn't seamless. It seems they did right in AC4 this time.


Oct 24, 2011
Well as long as the game has a good single player portion that is all that matters anyway. They could leave the entire multiplayer completely out of the game and that would only make the game that much better.


Feb 12, 2011
To be honest ive never really played the multiplayer side of the game at all, I did try the multiplayer tutorial in AC3 but got bored quickly.

As long as they have a good single player story line, im happy :) ACIII was a bit dissapointing with the slow start and not-so-indepth story line (IMO).


Jun 4, 2013
I was pretty disappointed to read this, and I'll definitely be voting with my wallet on this game. Instead of this being a launch day purchase for myself, like all the others have been, I'll certainly be awaiting a massive marked down sale. After all the only reason, IMO, to buy a game on launch day is if it has an engaging multiplayer (co-op or competitive.) Otherwise I’ll await a sale for a really good single player game.
I think the developers really missed the mark on this one. Instead of delaying the game until it was ready, implementing something that is innovative, new, and truly fantastic, to a game that has seen the same multiplayer style reiterated many times already, they opted for the easy way out so that they can attempt to get the game to market as soon as possible. Unlike what the developer said, nothing is impossible given the desire and time to do so.
I foresaw the possibility of entering into a multiplayer map with maybe 3 or so of your friends on the same ship; one person at the helm, another at the cannons on one side, and the last at the other side. Putting this into place, you can allow all the players to switch roles on the fly, have the ability to man the crow’s nest to populate radar at farther distances, enter into a repair/upgrade oriented engineering role and the list goes on. SO much in my opinion is lost by this opting out. Here was your chance to breathe new life into an aging franchise, really wow people, and potentially garner an even large amount of sales.
Best of luck on your game, but really, learn from companies like Naughty Dog, who only publish AAA titles worth the $60 charged when they're ready, and not a moment sooner.
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