Question No sound during calls on my earbuds, everything else works fine. I've tried everything. Please help!

Jul 8, 2021
Hello everyone I'd really appreciate if someone can help me figure out what's wrong here.

I am going to detail the process I went through to figure out the problem, so please bear with me, this post might be a little long.

I bought the Edifier TWS 1 Pro two weeks ago.

Immediately my package arrived, I tested everything and discovered there was no sound during calls.

There was sound when I played music. There was sound when I connected it to my laptop and played music.

Everything else worked fine but there was no sound during calls. I tried making calls with it and it made a sound for the first second (during the ring tone).

I connected the earbuds to another phone and the same problem continued.

I called the first phone from the second phone and put the first phone on speaker. I spoke and I could hear myself from the first phone.

It confirmed that the microphone was working.

I returned the earbuds and ordered another set. Same model.

The new set arrived and I tested it, I could make calls. I could hear. I was happy.

Suddenly, while on a call, another call came in and suddenly, I couldn't hear anything. I was out, I got home and I connected the earbuds to the second phone and tried to call the first phone. It worked. I connected back to the first phone and it worked.

One day later, the problem happened again. I connected to the second phone and the problem persisted. I connected to a third phone and it worked fine. I connected back to the first phone and it worked fine again.

One day later, the problem returned. I connected to the first and second phones and the problem persisted. I ordered a return.

Note: I went into developer settings and tried to change the Bluetooth audio codec to Adapt X or something but it didn't work, it kept changing back to SBC by itself.

I ordered for the Edifier X5 and it just arrived today and lo and behold, the problem is there.

I have tried all the steps and still nothing.

And it appears, I am the only one experiencing this problem.

I have emailed Edifier and they told me to send the SN code, I did that and they referred back to the warranty of the eCommerce store, I got the earbuds from.

I am obviously going to have to return these earbuds again but I want to know whether the fault is from my devices or not.

My main device is the Infinix Zero 6.
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