No sound on HDMI connection to TV


Dec 7, 2014
I've had my PC and PS3, connected to my TV through a 35 foot HDMI cable and splitter for exactly a year. Today morning it worked fine but suddenly it decided to not output any sound after I turned on my PC a few hours later. Both my PS3 and PC show video but no audio.I looked in my audio setting on both devices and everything was fine. I switched HDMI ports. I tried multiple different HDMI cables on both devices and still nothing. I connected my PS3 to my other TV through the same HDMI cable I was using and the sound and video go through fine. My Wii which is connected through a component cable outputs sound fine. The only thing I remembered doing today out of the ordinary was connecting my phone to the TV through a 3.5 jack to YWR cable and listening to music. But I've done that before a few years back for hours and nothing happened. The cable that I was using to get audio from my phone is unplugged now and it was using a completely different input as well. I've looked in every setting on my TV and nothing. My TV is a Sharp Aquos LC-40C32U